Lifetime Developments

Lifetime Developments

Lifetime Developments is a Tarion-approved builder with 40 years of experience, a staple of urban development in Toronto. With over three decades of experience, Lifetime has a reputation for building high-rising urban mixed-use properties that bridge communities and are steeped with style and convenience. Lifetime Developments has created thriving residential neighbourhoods and successful commercial properties that continuously define new benchmarks in the real estate community. By consistently demonstrating the vision of identifying key locations poised for growth and inspiring the evolution of dynamic urban communities, Lifetime remains at the forefront of Toronto’s real estate and development sector.

Starting with single-family homes in the suburbs of the GTA, Lifetime is now one of the leaders in Toronto’s condominium development. Co-founders by Mel Pearl and Sam Herzog attribute their success to the solid partnership they developed, first as competitors in the low-rise sector. With an impressive portfolio including Liberty Market Tower project nearby, and Panda at Yonge and Dundas, Lifetime is quickly making it’s mark on the Toronto skyline. 

Lifetime is committed to innovation, and seeks to improve communities in the most efficient manner. Over the next few projects, Lifetime plans to add 5,000 new units to the ever-growing population of Toronto. They built 20+ projects and 7000+ homes in Toronto. Oscar Residences is a another testament to the company’s vision of building real estate masterpieces that are centred around the betterment and fulfillment of it’s residents. 

1182 King Street W (King/Dufferin)
XO2 Condo, live right next to the Liberty Village, enjoy one of the highest rental neighbourhoods. XO2 Condos.
500 Dupont Street
Oscar Residences, an intimate boutique building on Dupont Street, in the Annex Discover bold design, sophisticated interiors, and.

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